Presenting Mr Kite, a phantasmagorical circus extravaganza!

Ever wondered who the Beatles are singing about in the song Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite? Earlier this year, Skylight Circus Arts was awarded funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to research the history of circus in Rochdale, and as part of this research discovered that Mr Kite was a tightwire walker and head balancing act of exceptional quality. John Lennon found the poster from 1843 advertising Mr Kite’s performance in the show of the great Pablo Fanque at Rochdale’s Town Meadows and was inspired to write the song.

2018 sees a celebration recognising 250 years of circus. Fired up by Circus250, further research and collecting stories memories and images, Skylight’s Youth Circus, Silver Circus and Adult Aerial groups have joined together to create a show. Circus research involved participants visiting Rochdale Local Studies Centre at Touchstones and Sheffield’s National Fairground and Circus archive.

Featured in Mr Kite The mesmerising Juggling Mime Twins, Strong Woman ‘Yugoslavavic’, Astounding Acrobatic Performers, Misses Lay Lay, Lulu and Linda – the Trapeze Family and the legend himself Jimmy the Clown!

Directed by Grania Pickard

Poster Designed by Charma Force

Artist Contribution ‘Aerial Girls’ In center Saffron Reichen BackerĀ