Do eyes roll when the words ‘team building’ come up? Circus Team Building can make a welcome change after a morning of company development presentations. A full day of circus team building might fit training needs even better or inspire your team with a visit Skylight circus school.


Benefits of circus skills team building and Corporate Workshops 

  • Promotes co-operation as group work together juggling or help one another on stilts
  • Demands quality communication
  • Challenge in collaboration
  • Exciting, fun and playful
  • Physical
  • Chance to take the stage

The event promotes co-operation, especially where pairs work together: side-by-side juggling, passing diabolos, helping stilt-walkers and supporting tightwire-walkers. Simple acro-balances and pyramids demand communication and are the ultimate challenge in collaboration, as is sorting out a ‘performance’ at the end of the sessions –

Pure team building theory made fun!


Skylight has much to offer for corporate events in addition to our acclaimed Team Building Workshops, a ‘Have-a-go’ workshop for a marketing event, or a Fun Day to reward staff or perhaps a Family Fun Workshop

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