SPARK! Circus Show and Stunning Parade



"The performers were so inspiring! Just what we need in the Borough"


– Audience Member

"The energy was incredible! Wow!"


– Audience Member

"Stunning performances!"

"I loved the mix of ages - it shows that anyone can have a go!"

"Great to see Rochdale come alive again after the pandemic!"

"We loved the parade, the music, costumes, everything!"

Thank you to local audiences!

Your support was incredible x

Outdoor Spectacle!

We were thrilled to gain project funding from Arts Council England to co-create SPARK! outdoor circus show and parade for local participants and audiences in Rochdale. Rehearsals began in April 2022, with a large cast of professional and community performers. The project was Managed and Directed by Gil Burns working alongside our guest  Associate Director, Grania Pickard.  We were also excited to work with partners English Folk Expo, Vintage Worx, Cartwheel Arts, Handmade Parade, We Are Stems. Photography by Ian Hodgson Video and Media production by Dawn Pierson, Music composed and produced by Steve Broomhead, additional media by Claire Minett.

Rehearsals began with a special master class from Gandini Jugglers!

“Wow, we loved, the masterclass, we were so inspired to include ideas the show!”

Martine Bradford, Creative Director 

Spark of inspiration!

We welcomed Inaki from Gandini Juggling who led us through a brilliant day of master classes. Our staff and participants learned new skills and we had a lot of fun!


Rochdale Folk Festival!

As the show developed, our first performance took place at Rochdale Folk Festival in June 2022.  SPARK! was inspired energy and the environment but it was also about regaining our spark as we emerged from the pandemic.  It had been a long time since we’d performed and it was fantastic to circus again!

“Oh the joy of performing again, I’m totally buzzing”. Participant


First Performance for 3 years!

The folk festival gathered large crowds for 2 performances and we were thrilled that it didn’t rain! 


Parade Making!

By July 2022, the show had grown. We brought in more participants and artists.  The Falinge Park spectacle included a parade and promenade performance. Choosing a steampunk theme, we worked with Hebden Bridge’s Handmade Parade.  Our participants made some fantastic creations!

“I’ve made a jet powered rocket blaster 2000!”. Participant


Making Sessions

Working with community groups and Skylight members, Handmade Parade took us totally steampunk!


Falinge Park Performance!

In August 2022, we paraded and performed in Falinge Park.  We were delighted by the support of large crowds of local people.  We found our Spark! 

“The range of ages was totally inspiring”. Audience Member

Watch the video below, it didn’t rain! 

Joy of performance!

“It was a total thrill to perform in front of so many people!”

Skylight Circus NW Acrobatic Artists

“Brilliant performance by a really special organisation keep up the good work!”

Audience Member

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