Circus Stretch and Movement is a collaborative project between Can’t Dance Can and Skylight Circus Arts funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group.

It is a creative participatory circus and dance project for young people of all abilities, including those who may suffer from more severe health conditions. The project is especially designed for those that are less likely or find it difficult to participate, engage or access fun and exciting physical exercise. By using circus and movement as a tool participants are encouraged to try new and exciting things that will enable them to express themselves more creatively and  emotionally as well as improving and maintaining physicality, motor skills, cognitive skills and enhancing social connections and interactions.

We have just finished working with two different youth groups, one at Darnhill and one with Springvale, both groups were very energetic, well attended and developed so much over the 8 weeks they were with us. We are hoping to work with two more groups in the new year, the first being the Young Asian Women Association.

“I would like to do more sessions im building my confidence”

“I feel like I have got better grip, and not as scared of heights, I would love to do it again!”

“I liked doing the sessions even though I have a phobia of stilts I still tried them. My fitness level has changed a lot. I would like to do more sessions because it helped build my confidence!”

‘I don’t feel embarrassed in this session but usually in dance I do’

‘I want to improve, my fitness getting better, health and at dance’

– Young People from Darnhill Group.