Earlier this month our Spotlight Youth Circus Troupe (a group of 14 – 19 years circus performers) were invited to take part in a three day project with the Circus Company Citrus Arts. 

“Citrus Arts are a performing arts company based in South Wales. We create shows that combine circus, dance and drama with our love for the great outdoors.”


Day One

‘Meet the Director’ workshop, where the founder, James did a short talk on his journey to where he is today, who actually started his circus skills here at Skylight Circus Arts many moons ago. Our group had the opportunity to see how to make a career out of Circus and Performance in the professional world, and other avenues such as directing. James then led a series of tasks which involving developing ensemble work, and creating puppets out of paper. 

Day Two

We were invited over to the fabulous space Walk the Plank in Salford, where Citrus Arts were rehearsing, this is when our group met the cast for Citrus Arts current production of ‘Shipwrecks’. We were welcomed with open arms by all the staff at Walk the Plank, and the Citrus Arts cast and production team. 

During this time the group took part in games with the cast, and then had the opportunity to see the cast rehearsing for their performance, this was a great opportunity for our young aspiring circus performers to see how professionals work in the circus industry, how they put together a timeline of the performance and learn from one another. One young person from the group said “I really enjoyed seeing the mind map and how they put together the show, I think it was very helpful for the cast to see that and then how you can develop and tweak it.”

James then gave the group the exciting opportunity to explore the shipwreck itself, sliding, climbing and hanging off the equipment the group really enjoyed themselves, despite the battle with the weather, they made the most out of the opportunity to play and explore. 

Day Three

We were invited to watch the final dress rehearsal of Shipwrecks. This was a very welcoming and enjoyable experience not only for the youth group but Skylight Staff too. We were all inspired so much by the incredible skill and strength of the performers, the creativity of movement, the costumes and beautiful music that helped bring together the story.


Shipwrecks is still being performed around the country, I would really recommend seeing the performance if you have the opportunity. Click here to see their performance dates. 


We were all very grateful for this fantastic opportunity to work with Citrus Arts, and have learnt some very valuable skills in circus in the professional industry. We would like to thank everyone from Citrus Arts for giving us their time and knowledge and hope to see them again sometime in the future.