Annual Report 2021/22



"Thank you so much to Skylight Circus Arts for a brilliant first summer circus skills session!"

Middleton HAF


A year of emergence and reconnection. We continued virtual and live delivery as COVID restrictions were eased and lifted in July. There was an overall growth in participation but numbers were lower than pre pandemic. Paused projects were rescheduled and delivered this year. Classes returned and we had a resurgence of bookings. Feedback from partners identified worrying statistics in child development, particularly in language and social engagement.

Local connections were formed to address the urgent needs of children, young people and vulnerable adults, negatively affected by the isolation of the pandemic. Henry Smith Community Match Challenge funding was secured for one year to address local needs.

Looking back, the Skylight Team has achieved so much in this stutter-start year with an incredible number of outputs and an incredible array of beneficiaries. The feedback- some of which peppers this report- has been heartwarming. We look forward to more of the same with more beneficiaries in more communities and locations, with more partners in the next year.”¬†

David Allen


Skylight Circus Arts

        Skylight Circus Annual Report 2021/22


A Year in numbers

502 Circus Sessions Delivered

4,710 Participants

963 Global Majority Participants

1,659 Class Interventions

1,855 Project Interventions

3,493 Outreach Interventions

7,007 Total Interventions

3,470 Audience 




We’re Back!

“I’ve missed my circus family through lockdowns.¬† We’re loving being back and performing again!”

Skylight Circus NW Acrobatic Artists

“Thanks so much to Skylight Circus Arts for a brilliant first summer circus skills session…more to come tomorrow !”

Burnside Community Centre - Middleton Holidays at Home

“It was great to support the Little Amal’s visit to Rochdale!”


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