Skylight Circus Have-ago Workshops

  • outdoor and indoor events, summer fetes, galas, family fun days etc
  • build confidence through learning, challenging and achieving 
  • trainer can show off advanced skills
  • for all ages – family friendly workshops
  • flexible times for workshop from 90 minute workshops upwards
  • increase spatial awareness, co-ordination, fitness, flexibility and self esteem

Open Have-a-go  This is often booked for an outdoors event or fete and is less structured, with participants of all ages free to come and go. Skylight can bring an event shelter with equipment – usually all ‘handheld’ such as juggling, diabolos, flower sticks and spinning plates, sometimes with pedalgos and unicycles, depending on event suitability and space availability. The two trainers move around, teaching skills and offering encouragement.  Bystanders and participants alike are entertained by their impromptu performances. It may be possible to add an extra dimension by booking the facilitators as costumed stilt walking characters before the workshop.

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