"A blessing to Rochdale and its communities. The last few years have been the most difficult and Skylight's work is valued & needed more than ever within the Borough"


- Mohammed 'Shiri' Sheraz,  Army of Kindness

"The youth groups loved taking part and learning new skills"


- Rochdale Connections (RCT)

Inspiring the next generation

"She walked out filled with all the confidence she lost over lockdown. Skylight are amazing and I'm so grateful for everything they do"

Walk About Stilt Performers

Skylight Circus stilt walkers love to interact with audiences at festivals and events.  “We can create anything, for any event….we love a creative challenge!”  Our living trees were a hit with festival audiences across the North West.  Performers took part in several parades and emerged from shrubbery to delight festival goers!

Suitable for:

  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Parades
  • Family audiences

“It’s great to get a reaction from the crowd!  The children really enjoy interacting and having a go on stilts themselves”

Charma Force Circus Trainer

    Walk About Stilt Performers For Festivals and Events

    Living Tree Stilt Performers

    “We loved watching the living trees, it was so much fun. I even had a go at stilts myself!”

    Audience Member


    Themed Events

    We love to create costumes for themed events.  Here’s Circus Jim with his brilliant Steampunk costume.

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