Classes for Children and Adults with additional needs and disabilities

Skylight Circus Arts has a range of classes for children and adults with disabilities. Skylight’s team has a wealth of experience working with people with disabilities. Our home at St Chads Fold is fully accessible.

Our classes for people with disabilities or additional needs are :

  • For ages 4 years +
  • For all needs and abilities
  • Sensitive and supportively staffed
  • non competitive and as inclusive as possible
  • in our lovely, friendly, warm circus school
Skylight Circus Arts is a fantastic safe zone for your children.

Not only do they teach amazing fun circus skills they help your children develope trust, social skills , motor skills co-ordanation, patience and most importantly self confidence.

All the staff are friendly approachable and trustworthy. They have bags of enthusiasm and patience when working with your children.

My 2 sons look forward to Wednesday night’s and so do I. I love the smiles and laughter and little personalities they both have whilst learning circus skills.

I would highly recommend Skylight Circus. Charlotte Law


Adults with Disabilities for ages 18+Circus and Aerial Swing

Specialised aerial swings and harnesses gently suspend or exhilaratingly swing and spin participants through the air.  Participants and carers work together on sensory equipment, circus skills, games and parachute.

Tuesday Mornings 10:30am – 12 noon (unfunded drop-in) £5

Children with disabilities ages 4 – 18 years

Sky-High Sessions funded by Rochdale BC Short Breaks Sessions promote inclusiveness, activity and social awareness for children with a disabilityCircus is an exciting way to improve coordination, confidence, mobility and focus – on the ground and up in the air! Harnesses fully support them on the aerial swing, tightwire or stilts.  Squashy mats, inflatable balls, wafting parachutes and aerial cocoons offer sensory experiences. Sky-High is designed around the needs of young people with a wide range of disabilities from ASD, physical and learning disabilities to complex and sensory impairments. Participants must have a disability/diagnosis and be a Rochdale resident.


4 – 12 years 4:15 – 5:15pm £1

13-19 years 5:15 – 6:30pm £1