Life as an Apprentice at a Circus School

Life as an Apprentice at a circus school can sometimes opens up opportunities for yourself to improve skills, before I was an apprentice I was part of the youth circus since I was 8 years old. For instance, you will have training time to get yourself stronger on the trapeze or practice your balance on the tightrope! All of this has expanded my knowledge on circus and over time has helped me teach others that want to learn circus as well. Although sometimes it is hard to fit training in with all the work that has been given but I know the quicker I finish the work, the more training I have. On the other hand, if you train hard your body will ache and probably still would be aching the next day or two when you still have work. But it is worth it!!!

When a production or a show is coming up, I have to get involved and help to make a show. To be honest it’s always a shock on how much preparation and effort it takes, to benefit the performance and performers. Before I was an apprentice, I always knew that it was a busy and stressful time for the staff, but now I feel eternally grateful for all the work that they did and now know the stress that our staff feel.

At the moment I am 9 months into my 12 month apprenticeship, over all its been an interesting and educational experience learning more about Skylight everyday.


– Olivia Maxim aged 17

Photos from Generations performance 2018, photo credit Giles BennettĀ