Circus Workshops

Circus Workshops

Let circus stretch your muscles and imagination!

From juggling to acro-balance, plate spinning to hula, trapeze to tight wire, we have a workshop for you.

Skylight Circus workshops

  • have an ethos of co-operation, not competition, so everyone feels included
  • are taught in a safe supportive environment
  • increase spatial awareness, co-ordination, fitness, flexibility and self esteem
  • build confidence through learning, challenging and achieving 
  • give opportunities for participants to be wowed by trainer’s skills

Workshops are designed around client’s needs

a huge thank you.. . you were engaging and enthusiastic and pitched the activities perfectly for our age group. I would highly recommend skylight circus arts ….a fun activity for young people

KH Explorer Scouts workshop Oct 2017

Skills – Circus Workshops with 2 trainers (minimum)

Juggling, Spinning Plates, Flower Sticks (devil sticks), Diabolo, Poi, Club-swinging, Hula hoop, Unicycling, Balances, Pyramids, Tightwire and Stilt-walking.

Workshops in Skylight may have additional skills such as

Globe-walking, Rola bola, Trapeze, Silks

Examples of popular workshops

Open Have-a-go  This is often booked for an outdoors event or fete and is less structured, with participants of all ages free to come and go. Skylight can bring an event shelter with equipment – usually all ‘handheld’ such as juggling, diabolos, flower sticks and spinning plates, sometimes with pedalgos and unicycles, depending on event suitability and space availability. The two trainers move around, teaching skills and offering encouragement.  Bystanders and participants alike are entertained by their impromptu performances. It may be possible to add an extra dimension by booking the facilitators as costumed stilt walking characters before the workshop

Taster 1-2 hours is popular for about 30 participants (a class). For other groups the usual number of participants is 25. Easily achievable skills like feather-balancing are taught to the whole group first. Success breeds success!  Trainers give an entertaining  demonstration of the remaining skills and participants either choose which to concentrate on or are divided into groups that move round activities.

Full day of Tasters in schools  Often a school wants most pupils, to either take part or benefit as audience.  Up to five one-hour workshops are possible, with a class in each, mostly learning ‘handheld’ equipment such as spinning plates, juggling, diabolo, flower sticks. 

A short performance by our trainers or even a Circus Show – an entertaining mix of stunning circus skills, clowning and illusions – suitable for a whole primary school may sometimes be programmed. 

Brownies and Cubs Circus Badge Workshop.  Badges can be achieved in a 1.5 hr workshop. If group size is no more than 15, it may be possible to have just one trainer, to save expense.

Family Workshops.  The aim of these taster sessions is for parents, carers and children to work together and to see one another in a new light.  Group and parachute games are great for encouraging the generations to cooperate.

Full day with one Group/Class. More skills can now be included e.g. tightwire, stilt-walking or unicycles and pyramids… and the group can perform skills at the end of the session, either to each other or an informal audience e.g. family or colleagues.

Residencies and Performance Projects can last from a day or two to a full term. The aims of the project determine outcomes, often  with a final performance

Specific Skill workshops (Custom made) Sometimes a session will be for only one or two skills.  We can bring several tightropes/wires, or sets of stilts. We can bring a small aerial rig so your group can experience the thrills of trapeze – max 8 participants, or 12 if two aerial trainers..

Nursery Show and Have-a-go is for the youngest children, 3-5 yr olds.

Workshops and disability Skylight is experienced in the effective use of circus equipment (some made specifically) with people with a wide range of disability and learning difficulties, including people with complex needs.

We come to you or if you want an exciting visit to a circus school, Skylight is fully accessible with toilet, hoist and changing facilities.

Activities are tailored to individuals so everyone is included. Tactile, sensory experiences as simple as floating juggling scarfs get a response from someone with little mobility or language, whereas some young people who lack the confidence to take on challenges are thrilled to achieve skills in manipulative equipment like juggling, flower sticks or diabolo. If participants come to Skylight we have our aerial harness and swings. There will be more one-to-one interactions necessary in these workshops so the ratio of trainers to participants is high. The group size is usually between 6-12, depending on the needs of participants.


‘Mr Kite’

Presenting Mr Kite, a phantasmagorical circus extravaganza! Ever wondered who the Beatles are singing about in the song Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite? Earlier this year, Skylight Circus Arts was awarded funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to research the history...

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